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Etosha National Park is one of Southern Africa’s most spectacular wildlife reserves. Proclaimed in 1907, the Park is one of the oldest in Namibia. The size, conservation history and uniqueness justify its title as the country’s flagship Park. The massive mineral pan stretches over an area of approximately 4 500 sq km and covers approximately 25% of the surface of the Park, giving rise to the name Etosha, which means “Great White Place”.

The pan was originally a lake fed by the Kunene River, but with the change in course of the river over thousands of years, the lake dried up. Today it is a large dusty depression that only temporarily and fills with water during the rainy season. During these rains, the pan attracts pelicans and flamingos in impressive numbers, as well as a wide variety of other wading birds. The perennial springs along the edge of Etosha Pan attract and sustain large concentrations of wildlife and birds.

One of the largest savannah conservation areas in Africa, Etosha National Park is world-renowned for its spectacular wildlife viewing. Visitors can expect to see elephant, black and white rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, large herds of springbok, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and a multitude of other fascinating big and small species interacting in their natural environment.

Visitors can experience the park through guided night drives which provide you with an opportunity to experience an entirely different side of Etosha’s wildlife treasures. Morning and afternoon guided drives are also on offer. All guided drives are conducted in specially modified land-rovers, using experienced guides who will help you discover the wonders of nature that you might otherwise miss.

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TALENI ETOSHA LODGE - One of the few lodges that offer self-catering (self-contained) accommodation in the area. 3km from Anderson's Gate and near Okaukuejo in Etosha National Park.

MOKUTI LODGE - Luxury combined with the spirit of Etosha, this lodge boasts an unique African charm combined with international standards of luxury. Mokuti Lodge is a private lodge at the eastern gate of Etosha National Park with excellent rooms and superb service.

ONKOSHI - The latest and most luxurious lodge in Etosha National Park. For those who appreciate the best in life. Onkoshi is in the eastern part of Etosha near Namutoni.

OKAUKUEJO - The oldest rest camp in Etosha National Park. Now a luxurious 5- star resort. Okaukuejo is best known for the large numbers of animals that visit its waterhole in the evenings.

HALALI - The central camp in Etosha National Parl. A 5-star resort. Halali is approximately halfway between Okaukuejo and Namutoni in the eastern half of Etosha National Park.

NAMUTONI REST CAMP- Situated on the eastern side of Etosha National Park.Namutoni is a beautiful camp within the boundaries of Etosha National Park.

ETOSHA SAFARI LODGE Situated just outside Etosha National Park. This lodge is near Anderson Gate.

ETOSHA SAFARI CAMP - Situated 5 km from Anderson's Gate, this lodge offers very affordable prices. Not recommended

Other Accommodation and Destinations

Most visitors to the Etosha National Park will land in the Capital city namely Windhoek. You can hire a vehicle from Temba Car Hire at the airport before you continue your journey to Etosha. It might be a good idea to spend your first and last night in Windhoek. You can select accommodation at Windhoek Accommodation. No visit to Namibia is complete without a visit to the coastal town Swakopmund with its German style accommodation.

If you travel by car from South Africa to Etosha you will need to overnight in the south of Namibia. Grunau Lodge in Grunau offers self-catering accommodation just next to the main road and Mariental River Chaletsoffers slightly more upmarket self-catering accommodation in Mariental less than a 1000 km from the Etosha National Park.

People enroute from South Africa to Etosha National Park have a variety of accommodation to choose from. In Bloemfontein, Bains Game Lodge might be the answer. For those traveling from Gauteng, Upington will most likely be the place to overnight and here the Upington Country Lodge offers perfect self-catering accommodation. Those from the Eastern Cape can overnight at Hanover Inn about two days drive from Etosha.

If you plan a tour or safari of Botswana you must seriously consider Temba Safaris Botswana to help you arrange it. They have lots of experience and are renown for their excellent service. Make sure that they includePlanet Baobab near Gweta on the Makgadigadi pans in your itinerary.

If you plan a visit to Zimbabwe after your stay at the Etosha National Park in Namibia you will most likely wants to include the famous Inn on the Rupurara near Nyanga and Granite Ridge near the famous Matobo National Park.